Practice Areas

Labor Law Litigation

LLFW has considerable experience defending building owners and general contractors against claims brought against them under Sections 200 and 240 of New York’s Labor Law, commonly known as the scaffolding laws.  In the multiple litigations in which LLFW has represented one or more defendants, the firm has successfully defended against the Labor Law claims by establishing that the client, whether an owner or general contractor, was not responsible for the conditions resulting in the injury in question, that the worker asserting the claims had assumed or contributed to the risk of injury, or that liability lay with another entity, typically a subcontractor.  In a recent example, LLFW succeeded in having a building owner voluntarily dismissed from a case brought under Labor Law Sections 200 and 240 by establishing that the owner had transferred its ownership interest in the commercial property at issue before the injury that was the subject of the plaintiff’s claims had occurred.